The project Searching for artists manages different art competitions with various topics...
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There are many talented artists who deserve more attention...
We are looking for you!


The project SEARCHING FOR ARTISTS is managed by the private art gallery GALLERY GWERK. Our goal is to address artists from different art fields and give them the chance to present their works of art. But not just that. For selected artists we will  prepare the exhibition and present their artworks to a wide artistic community, including gallerists and art collectors.

We are SEARCHING FOR ARTISTS, who are simply gifted. We do not need your university diploma. The evidence of your talent is your creation and your pieces of art.

The year 2019 is a pilot year dedicated to artists from Slovakia and Czech Republic. We plan to regularly open calls with different awards and focus - competition in painting, graphics or competition for artists up to 30 years old, etc. For each call, we will find the most appropriate jury set up of a professional in the field of art theory (art critic, curator, art historian), but also a specialist in art business (gallerist, art dealer, etc.). Our aim is not only to present the artworks but to help artists to make themselves visible in the art market. We are looking for UMELCOV, who are simply "given". We do not need your university diploma. Evidence of your talent is your creation.


The project is managed by GALLERY GWERK, a private gallery based in Bratislava, Slovakia. We have been operating in the art market for several years and thus have a network of contacts and experience with selling artworks.

Sometimes even the best idea does not work out without proper communication and presentation. And that's true in art as well. Therefore we will be happy to provide you with our PR knowledge. We have organized dozens of exhibitions, most of them attracted not only the general public, but also main Slovak media (TV channels, radio and print). We can deliver comprehensive services, from curatorial concepts and texts, through installation, vernissage, preparation of printed information material, communication with media, up to the sale of artworks. We do not promise anything, but we will do our best.